Learn about Jen Jones

“I owe my riding to SheRide! They kept my passion and dream to be a big mountain freerider” – Jen Jones.


Sheride Snowboard Camp

Athlete Program

The SheRide Athlete is a role model. She practices to be her best on and off the mountain. SheRide Snowboard Camp respects the commitment, dedication, and training it takes to be an athlete. SheRide looks up to athletes as they are the inspiration to our community. SheRide Snowboard Camp creates a beneficial partnership to support women athletes. We are honored to have these SheRide Athletes on the SheRide Snowboard Camp Team.  

The SheRide Snowboard Camp culture is valued, cherished, and honored. The role of the SheRide Athlete is to share your own SheRide experience with other women and be an active member of the SheRide community. If you are interested in becoming a SheRide Athlete please contact us. We will send you detailed information about how you can be involved. Thank you for your interest to be a SheRide Athlete. We appreciate your passion for SheRide Snowboard Camp and the SheRide community.