Penney Stahl


Penney is committed to snowboarding 100%. She is a competitive USASA athlete. She loves to practice new techniques and is always applying her skills to improve her snowboarding. She loves teaching all levels of riders, from beginners to advanced riders. Her passion for coaching is palpable. Penney knows all the cool ins and outs of the resorts. She will show you a good time!

Rebekah Ratliff


Beka is a certified AASI instructor who loves snowboard education. She’s always training to learn more about teaching techniques. She enjoys teaching body movements to women to enrich their own snowboarding strengths. Beka brings out the FUN in snowboarding. She will help you to find your inner strength to help you shine on the slopes. She will cheer you on as you find your confidence and reach your snowboarding goals. She will teach you the skills to ride down the terrain that makes you feel excited, and she will be at your side when you are ready to explore new parts of the mountain!