“Because of SheRide I found the most supportive and strong women. I have made life long friendship through SheRide.” Amy Barrali

Amy Barrali has been a SheRide Ambassador for 16 years, she will tell anyone and everyone about SheRide Snowboard Camp. She participated in multiple camps a year from 2004-2011. We are grateful for her support, friendship, and passion for SheRide Snowboard Camp. Read her interview!

What was your favorite terrain you snowboarded on at SheRide Snowboard Camp?

“Trees and bumps. Always my favorite.”

What did you learn at SheRide Snowboard Camp?

“Myself, first and foremost. I learned that I was capable of way more than I ever thought possible. It is about getting uncomfortable and pushing myself to do things that scared me. One of the things the coaches would say is, “lean into the pitch.” I learned that fear is just a distraction I used to keep me from reaching my goals. At SheRide I learned to be with my fear in a way that allowed me to still push past it. The women and coaches are incredibly supportive. It was one of the first times in my life I experienced women who were more interested in each other success than themselves. If you want specific I would say that because I grew up skiing I naturally wanted to point my torso down hill. That is not good for boarding. I was given drill after drill to help me finally get comfortable with the proper alignment over my board. I never thought I would be able to ride bumps let alone trees. They taught me how to pressure my board in order to manipulate it when doing a tree or bump run.”

Did the coaching staff meet your expectations?

“I can’t say enough about the SheRide coaches. They are consistently the most effective coaches I have ever encountered. They will go above and beyond to help you break through in order to reach your goals. They will figure out how to break down techniques until you get it. I will always be grateful for the coaching and guidance from these ladies.”

How would you explain the SheRide experience?

“It is more than you think it is. It is more than just a weekend of learning to be a better snowboarder. It is about connecting with yourself and other women. When we get older we have less opportunity to have experiences that bond you and other women together. SheRide is an amazing environment of bonding and learning.”

Would you recommend SheRide Snowboard Camp? Why?

“The minute a woman mentions that she snowboards I begin the SheRide conversation. Especially if the woman is a beginner SheRide is the best place to learn. The coaches will give you tools you can take with you. 10 years later (since my first camp) I still put myself through some of the drills I learned at camp. Even my husband has benefited from all the tips I have taken away from SheRide.”

Do you still snowboard? If yes, where?

“Yes. I snowboard in UT, CO, CA, WY, and Canada.”

Explain your riding style.

“My favorite thing about snowboarding is the movement. So I prefer a great tree run all day long. I do like to hike and explore. A well placed bump run is also a favorite of mine.”

What did you learn on the mountain that you use off the mountain too? 

“I learned to trust myself. That I got my own back. That I need to keep pushing myself in everything I do. On the mountain I learned to be more forgiving of myself when things weren’t going well. That was an important tool for be to incorporate into the rest of my life. Learning to love myself no matter what. Like I said SheRide is more than snowboarding.”

What do you want us to know about you?

“That I love all of you to pieces. You allowed me to change my story about women. Because of you I found the most supportive and strong women. I have made life long friendship through SheRide. I love my tribe.”




Amy Barrali